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My name’s Terence and I’m the guy behind all the content you see on this blog.

Just your average guy intent on creating content for the “regular” folks (non-pro athletes, that is) who want to learn more about healthy eating and dieting.


The inspiration for this blog spawned from another project I was working on and my love for food – Healthy food to be specific.

Although there is more to a healthy lifestyle than just your diet (exercise for example), I know there are folks out there like you and I who just want to learn how to eat right.

Creating healthy routines, eating excellent food and picking up good habits that will eventually make you and your body very happy.

Learning about healthy eating is for everyone and I’m dedicated to create content that will help you on that journey.

My key area of focus is primarily Meal Prep and how to be successful at it.

So I encourage you to visit the posts, read on and go ahead and create that healthy diet regimen for yourself.

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