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My name’s Terence and I’m the guy behind all the content you see on this blog.


First of all I’m going to let you know I’ve edited this “About Me” section several times and to be honest it probably was because I wanted to craft the perfect message for anyone who came across this blog.

I’ve since come to realize 2 things:

  1. No such message exists (we’re all entitled to our opinions right)
  2. All the edits I’ve made accurately depict the main reason why this blog is even in existence.

I wish I could give you some epiphany about how this whole thing came about but there isn’t any and my story is likely no different from yours.

I knew I wanted to eat healthier, I understood meal prep would be of benefit to me and I was determined to learn about better nutrition in general and take the necessary steps towards the improvement I wanted.

Remember how I said I’ve edited this so many times, well that’s exactly how my journey’s been.

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, learned from them and made adjustments whenever I needed to.

I’m still far from perfect but I know I’m better than where I was when I started.

This blog exists because I wanted to hold myself accountable and at the same time share valuable content that could be of benefit to you as well.

I am definitely not reinventing the wheel here.

Chances are you’ve already read or heard about some of the topics I cover on here. The only difference is I’ve put them in my own words and hopefully made it easier for you to understand.

That’s about as far as my story goes and who knows, if you hang around long enough it just might change again.

I’m not one to do too much talking about myself and since you’re here, I’m sure you too have your own story.

I’d truly appreciate it if you could share in few words what your story is or what goal it is you’re trying to accomplish.

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